Student Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer work in the community can be an important part of your college experience and often provides fulfilling and enriching experiences for students and faculty alike. Of course, it enriches our communities as well. This site provides a search engine for locating possible volunteer opportunities related to psychology and human development. You can specify a search term along with a client population and location to generate community sites offering opportunities for volunteering.

After you enter your search terms and click on "Go," you will be shown a list of volunteer sites that match your criteria. You can click on any community site generated by the search for more information about that site. This information will include whether or not the site has a formal internship program with our Psychology Department through which you can receive credit for working at the site by enrolling in our Psychology or Human Development Internship course (PSYC/HD 575). Please note that most sites in this database are not currently being used as sites where you can do an Internship for course credit.

If you are interested in doing an Internship for course credit, please go to our informational page about the PSYC/HD 575 course located at the following link. Here you will learn about the requirements for enrolling.

The instructor for PSYC/HD 575 Internship is Dr. Sharon Ward ( She is available to answer any questions not answered by the informational page.


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